The Norwegian Business Association China is an active non-profit member-based association for Norwegian companies and business people in China. The NBA China was established in 2015, as a result of a merger between NBA Beijing and NBA Shanghai the same year. NBA China has a substantial membership base with over 80 corporate, individual and student members.

The objectives of NBA are:

  • To provide a forum for companies, of any nationality, with Norwegian business interests, their executives and other individual business people.
  • The forum shall identify and discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial objectives of its members.
  • To raise, discuss and conclude on appropriate issues with the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Consulate General on behalf of the members, and further to act as an advisory board to the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Consulate General.
  • To co-operate with other appropriate bodies in order to further develop the above mentioned objectives.
  • Take an active part in promoting Norwegian business interests in China in co-operation with Norwegian Trade Council, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Consulate General in Shanghai when appropriate.
  • To provide social activities for its members.

About us:

In spite of NBA China’s relatively short history, the association has proven to be well-received by its members & the community. Membership numbers continue to grow and members enthusiastically participate in making the association an active forum.

The Norwegian business environment and activities in China are relatively small and very diversified, and so the NBA aims to actively bridge the various challenges and difficulties experienced by its members in connection with their activities. NBA China also aspires to share valuable insights from diversified experience and know-how gained from Norwegian companies who have been through the process of setting up businesses in China and are currently thriving.

The NBA China is a dynamic association that organizes on average 8-10 eventsevery year, ranging from seminars and sessions with corporate representatives from China and Norway, as well as social functions and networking events. Each meeting addresses a pertinent topic suggested by members. Depending on topic, experts are invited to hold an introduction on the subject and share their insights, followed by a discussion. The Board and the Executive Officers conducts everyday services and arranges activities as required.

With headquarters in Shanghai, the NBA China has established a Beijing Chapter that governs and hosts all activities in Beijing while maintaining the objectives of the NBA China. The Beijing Chapter takes an active role in promoting Norwegian and member business in Beijing as an integral part of the NBA China.

The member magazine, Norwegian Links, is the number one Business Magazine on Sino-Norwegian relations and the official member magazine of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Oslo. The magazine covers a wide variety of topics related to Norwegian business and trade, as well as cover stories on individual members and companies. The magazine is financed by sponsors and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, and is published twice every.

NBA China Board of Directors 2017

From the top left corner; Morten Sten Johansen, Kjetil Lund, Sigmund Bjørgo, Gustav Solvang, Consul General Stokke Øyvind . From the bottom left corner; Yilie Shen,Vice Chairman Shanghai Christian James-Olsen, Ambassador Svein O. Saether, Chairman Dan Bjørke, Lars Børresen.