Beijing Energy Club Partners with NABS 2019

Beijing Energy Club will host a high level and exclusive lunch and discussion at Norway Asia Business Summit 2019 in Shanghai. This is a continuation of the important energy dialogue between Norway and China. More information will follow.


Kongsberg Group Joins NABS2019 with CEO


We welcome Kongsberg CEO, Geir Håøy, to Norway Asia Business Summit 2019, and we are proud to have Kongsberg as a partner for Norway Asia Business Summit 2019.


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We look forward to seeing you in October!


NBA China AGM 2019

Tuesday 12 March, Norway Business Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 in Shanghai with the opening remarks by Mr. Mattis Raustøl, Chargé d’affaires a.i..

Eleven candidates were elected to become new NBA board members. Mr. Christian James Olsen will serve one more term as Chairman of NBA. The new board in 2019 consists of Christian James Olsen (Chairman), Morten Sten Johansen (Shanghai), Per Askeland (Shanghai), Jack Wong (Shanghai), Rudy Hassam (Shanghai), Wenche H. Andersen (Shanghai), Victoria Braathen (Shanghai), Dan Bjørke (Beijing), Willy Johansen (Beijing), Mats Fredriksson (Beijing) and Jon Eivind Stø (South China).

NBA Chairman Christian presented the Annual Report of 2018. A total of twenty-two events took place under the leadership of the board last year. The main goals for 2019 are to together increase high-quality activities in Beijing and South China and win more members join NBA. The board is also committed to lead the organization forward and to deliver a successful Norway Asia Business Summit (NABS) 2019.

The NBA China’s History Wall being presented to Their Majesties

During the State Visit in Shanghai on October 18th, Their Majesties were presented with the History Wall by NBA China’s Chairman Christian James-Olsen and NBA’s leader of the State Visit’s Working Group Wenche H. Andersen

Their Majesties (left) listened to the presentation of Christian James-Olsen (right) and Wenche H. Andersen  (middle). Photo: Tim Haukenes

The History Wall was initiated by NBA China, with 40 Norwegian companies participating. It aims to demonstrate the development and achievement of Norwegian companies and organizations in China starting from 1880s. On the History Wall there were a list of Norwegian companies/organizations with visualized introduction, showcasing key milestones and achievements. The History Wall brought alive the great deliverables that have been achieved over the decades, and it well illustrates the great momentum of the bilateral relationship between the two nations, both official and industry-related.

Another Successful event of NBA China: China Economic Outlook

Wednesday 18 April the NBA China event, China Economic Outlook, was organized at Four Seaons Shanghai. In addition, the China-Norway Business report was discussed by several of the key contributors. Governing Mayor of Oslo, Raymond Johansen, held the opening speech.

“I am very happy to be back in China and I am pleased that the Sino-Norwegian relationship is back on track”, said Johansen, adding that this was his seventh trip to China.

Governing Mayor of Oslo since 2015, Raymond Johansen, is visiting Shanghai together with several Norwegian startup companies and Business Region Oslo to attend the China Shanghai International Technology Fair.

Dr. Shengjun Liu is a leading economist in China known for his focus on China’s economic reform. During the event the audience was lucky to listen to his opinions and analysis regarding the 19th Party Congress and its impact on China’s economic outlook.

“The current Chinese economic model is unsustainable. It is getting hardly possible to grow without effectively reforming the Chinese economic model”, Dr. Liu said.

In the second part of the event the China-Norway Business report was discussed by ThereseTrulsen (Wikborg Rein), Sigmund Bjørgo (Norwegian Seafood Council) and Michael Yang (Laerdal Medical). The moderator was Magnus Jorem, director at Nordic Centre at Fudan University

The business report offers an up to date insight of the business environment as well as some heated business topics in China. The topics includes Maritime industry, E-commerce, Management in China, political regulations, Energy, Seafood, Start-ups and etc.