NBA China: Laws in motion – Steps in the ease of doing business in China

Tuesday November 22th at Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai Jing an, Norwegian Business Association China had a great pleasure to welcome Ben Cavendar and Christian James-Olsen for a Panel Discussion on the topic “Laws in motion – Steps in the ease of doing business in China”.

The topic of this seminar was the development of the legal framework for foreign invested enterprises in China. The question bounding Mr. Cavendar and Mr. James-Olsen’s seminar was if the market shall be the determined force in the economy, equal footing for all participants is conditional. They took a closer look at the at the new FIE-law and regulations, and its development.

Ben Cavendar is a Director with The China Market Research Group (CMR) which he joined in 2006. His work at CMR focuses on consumer behavior analysis, retail strategy, brand positioning, and growth strategies in the China market. As a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BBC there was an interesting Q and A session that followed after the presentation.

Christian James-Olsen is a Partner at the international law firm Wikborg Rein and Managing Partner of the firm’s Shanghai Office from June 2016. Christian is part of the firm’s Shipping Offshore practice and his main areas of practice are matters relating to offshore, shipping and maritime law, manufacturing/enterprise law and contract law.

NBA China thanks Mr. Ben Cavendar and Mr. Christian James-Olsen for an interesting and higly relevant presentation.

NBA China in Beijing: Cyber Security

On Thursday November 17th, the Norwegian Business Association China in Beijing had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Jørn Knutsen, who holds a BEng. Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and a MSc in International Business to an evening seminar at Four Season Hotel. Mr. Knutsen has spent the last 16 years as a consultant and organization builder in China. Jørn serves on several board and is a sought after speaker on establishment quandaries and the challenges of doing business in, with and from China. Amongst his merits are establishment of two R&D Centers in China. Mr. Jørn Knutsen was welcomed by the Vice Chairman and the leader of NBA China Beijing Chapter, Andreas Magnus (Hotel Manager of Kempinski).

With Jørn Knutsens long experience and knowledge of how the internet work, he broke down the different aspects of the internet starting with the question “What is the internet?”. Jørn gave us examples of how we think the internet works contra to the reality, showing us how complex sharing of information is through the internet and the path the information take before it ends up on our devises. In a technological world we live in now, were everyone use internet at every day’s work and social life, the security of our private and corporate information may experience internal and external threats. Introduction of how secure the internet is and Cyber Security 101, which made us understand what can be done and what cannot be done to secure us from these threats. Mr. Knutsen ended his presentation of what we can expect in the future of the internet.

The seminar was a huge success with over 30 participations. The audience was engaged from the very start has Mr. Knutsen encouraged the audience to ask questions at any time.  The presentation was followed up with a buffet dinner and social mingle.

NBA China Board of Directors visit to Beijing

Dear members!

The 11th and 12th of May, Beijing had the pleasure of having representatives from the Shanghai board of directors for a short, but eventful and productive visit. This is the first time the board of directors have met in Beijing since the merger, focusing effort on increasing cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing.

On Wednesday, the board of directors attended the 17th of May Reception at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, a successful and well attended celebration. Following the reception, the board of directors gathered for a board meeting attended by the Ambassador, Mr. Svein O. Saether. On Thursday, the board attended the Nordic- China Green Innovation & Smart City Forum organised by Innovation Norway.

The board of directors visit to Beijing was very fruitful whereas directors were introduced to the Beijing community and various members of the Beijing chapter. It is highly in the interest of the NBA China that Beijing and Shanghai develop strong relations and increase cooperation between cities. In this effort, the united board of NBA China have declared high ambitions for both cities, in terms of activity and keeping with the objectives and vision set fort for the association after the merger. In this regard, the association would like to express gratitude to members for their continued support and encouragement; we look forward to the coming months! We have already held great events, with even more under way, including big plans for the annual dinners in both cities.

board 2016

NBA China Board of Directors 2016,

(From the top left corner; James Desantis, Kjetil Lund, Emma Hallstrom, Henning Kristiffersen, Tormod Ludvig Nilsen, Vice Chairman Andreas Magnus. From the bottom left corner; Yilie Shen, Chairman Dan Bjorke, Ambassador Svein O. Saether, Carina Enocksson, Gustav Solvang, Birte Hansen).

NBA China in Beijing presents: Financial crisis, can it really not happen here?

On Wednesday April 6th, the Norwegian Business Association China, Beijing Chapter had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Knut Anton Mork, senior economist in Handelsbanken to an evening seminar at the Kerry Hotel. Knut Anton Mork has been a loyal friend and frequent keynote speaker for the association in previous years, sharing valuable knowledge and insights from China’s economic development. Knut Anton was welcomed by the newly elected Chairman, Mr. Dan Bjorke (BI – Norwegian Business School) who commenced the first NBA China event in Beijing since the merger.


The topic of the seminar was “Financial crisis: can it really not happen here?”, which was the question bounding Knut Anton’s seminar. Being an ardent observer of Chinese economic development, Knut Anton took us through the various stages of Chinese economic growth giving way to a current educated financial outlook. Chinese growth has stagnated, but that is to be expected after years of rapid growth. The introduction of new reforms aiming to transition the Chinese economy from a manufacturing economy to a service oriented economy, the recent stock market tumble, unstable exchange rates and growing inflation, all these various challenges China has encountered were addressed by Knut Anton, producing an illuminating picture of the current situation and what to expect in the coming months as China continues with its transition.

At the Q&A session after the seminar, members of the NBA were welcome to ask questions and share their views on the situation. The Q&A was followed by a set meal dinner and social mingling.


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NBA China’s Annual General Meeting in Shanghai 2nd of March 2016


The newly elected Board of Directors from left to right: Henning Kristoffersen (DNV GL), Yilie Shen (Wilhelmsen), Kjetil Lund (Kongsberg Maritime), Vice-chairman in Shanghai Carina Enocksson (DNB), Chairman Dan Bjørke (BI Fudan), Arvid Kapstad (Jotun) and Tormod L. Nilsen (Wikborg Rein) . Photo: Birte Hansen

NBA China’s first annual general meeting was held on 2 March in Shanghai.

 Chairman Tormod L. Nilsen presented first the annual reports of 2015 both for Beijing and Shanghai and then the annual budget for 2016 which was approved by the assembly. He declared that the merge of NBA Shanghai and NBA Beijing is indeed now a matter of fact, but certain arrangements may still take some time. NBA China will be based in Shanghai. The Board of Directors of the newly merged NBA China will constitute of 6-7 representatives from Shanghai and 2-3 representatives from Beijing, reflecting the size of the previous chapters.

All candidates presented themselves for election to the new board, and with only three candidates from Beijing, they were naturally all elected: Chris Rynning (Origo), Andreas Magnus (Kempinski) and James Desantis (MH Wirth). Out of nine candidates from Shanghai, the following seven were elected: Dan Bjørke (BI Fudan), Carina Enocksson (DNB), Arvid Kapstad (Jotun), Henning Kristoffersen (DNV GL), Kjetil Lund (Kongsberg Maritime), Tormod L. Nilsen (Wikborg Rein) and Yilie Shen (Wilhelmsen). The new board chose Dan Bjørke as Chairman and Carina Enocksson as Vice-chairman. One representative from the Embassy in Beijing/Consulate General in Shanghai and one from Innovation Norway Beijing/Shanghai are appointed as associate members. NBA China has two executive secretaries, Emma Hallstrøm (Shanghai) and Birte Hansen (Beijing).

Text by: Yvonne Moholt Van Reeuwijk

Sourced from Norway – The Official Site in China, Consulate General in Shanghai