Jotun as Partner for Norway-Asia Business Summit 2019

The 2019 Norway Asia business summit addresses the role innovation and leading technology plays in a sustainable ocean economy.

“Jotun is a world leading provider of coating solutions to the shipping industry, supporting the industry’s efforts to become greener and be part of a sustainable ocean industry. Therefore, it is natural that we partner up with 2019 Norway Asia Business Summit which focuses on technology for a sustainable ocean economy”, says Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun.

Jotun is a pioneer in combining coatings with the use of digital tools and solution-based services and therefore a natural partner for the shipping industry’s strive to comply with stricter environmental regulations. “I am looking forward to participate at the summit in October and meet other leaders in the oceantech industry to discuss how we jointly can create value while maintaining a healthy ocean environment”, Morten Fon concludes.