The NBA China is led by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 elected directors, 3 located in Beijing, 7 residing in Shanghai and 1 from South China. In addition, the Board of Directors has four appointed honorary members that acts as observers to the board. The Honorary members of the Board are Consul General of Norway in Shanghai, Country Director of Innovation Norway in China, The Economic Counselor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing and the First Secretary to the Economic Counselor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.

The Association has one administration director and one administration manager, positioned in Shanghai, that takes care of day-to-day business. The association is headed by the Chairman of the Board.

NBA China Board of Directors 2018

Chairman Christian James Olsen, Morten Sten Johansen, Wilhelm Blomdal, Per Askeland, Ben Zhang, Rudy Hassam, Wenche H. Andersen, Dan Bjørke, Willy Johansen, Andreas Pedersen Friis, Jon Eivind Stø