NBA China AGM 2019

Tuesday 12 March, Norway Business Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 in Shanghai with the opening remarks by Mr. Mattis Raustøl, Chargé d’affaires a.i..

Eleven candidates were elected to become new NBA board members. Mr. Christian James Olsen will serve one more term as Chairman of NBA. The new board in 2019 consists of Christian James Olsen (Chairman), Morten Sten Johansen (Shanghai), Per Askeland (Shanghai), Jack Wong (Shanghai), Rudy Hassam (Shanghai), Wenche H. Andersen (Shanghai), Victoria Braathen (Shanghai), Dan Bjørke (Beijing), Willy Johansen (Beijing), Mats Fredriksson (Beijing) and Jon Eivind Stø (South China).

NBA Chairman Christian presented the Annual Report of 2018. A total of twenty-two events took place under the leadership of the board last year. The main goals for 2019 are to together increase high-quality activities in Beijing and South China and win more members join NBA. The board is also committed to lead the organization forward and to deliver a successful Norway Asia Business Summit (NABS) 2019.