NBA China Board of Directors visit to Beijing

Dear members!

The 11th and 12th of May, Beijing had the pleasure of having representatives from the Shanghai board of directors for a short, but eventful and productive visit. This is the first time the board of directors have met in Beijing since the merger, focusing effort on increasing cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing.

On Wednesday, the board of directors attended the 17th of May Reception at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, a successful and well attended celebration. Following the reception, the board of directors gathered for a board meeting attended by the Ambassador, Mr. Svein O. Saether. On Thursday, the board attended the Nordic- China Green Innovation & Smart City Forum organised by Innovation Norway.

The board of directors visit to Beijing was very fruitful whereas directors were introduced to the Beijing community and various members of the Beijing chapter. It is highly in the interest of the NBA China that Beijing and Shanghai develop strong relations and increase cooperation between cities. In this effort, the united board of NBA China have declared high ambitions for both cities, in terms of activity and keeping with the objectives and vision set fort for the association after the merger. In this regard, the association would like to express gratitude to members for their continued support and encouragement; we look forward to the coming months! We have already held great events, with even more under way, including big plans for the annual dinners in both cities.

board 2016

NBA China Board of Directors 2016,

(From the top left corner; James Desantis, Kjetil Lund, Emma Hallstrom, Henning Kristiffersen, Tormod Ludvig Nilsen, Vice Chairman Andreas Magnus. From the bottom left corner; Yilie Shen, Chairman Dan Bjorke, Ambassador Svein O. Saether, Carina Enocksson, Gustav Solvang, Birte Hansen).