NBA China: Crisis Communication with Tore Høifødt

This week, the Norwegian Business Association invited Tore Høifødt to hold a seminar on Crisis Communication. Events were held in both Beijing and Shanghai, on January 16th and 17th , respectively. Tore Høifødt is the Director of Strategy at Nordic Trust, and is one of Norway’s leading communication experts, with more than thirty years of experience. He has dealt with crisis like Brent Spar, MS Estonia and Deepwater Horizon.

What defines a crisis? How can one prepare for one, and handle it correctly when it occurs? These were some of the questions Mr. Høifødt discussed at the event. Mr. Høifødt exemplified his arguments by using well-known cases to emphasise his ideas. Applying his thirty years long experience in handling crisis communication, he elucidated key takeaways the audience could implement directly into their daily work. After his presentation, Mr. Høifødt opened up for questions and comments, engaging the participants, and their experience with crisis communication.

NBA China thanks Mr. Høifødt for an excellent and applicable presentation. The seminar was well received in both Beijing and Shanghai. NBA China sends their special thanks to the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and the Royal Norwegian General Consulate in Shanghai for sponsoring this event.

Any questions regarding crisis communication? You may contact Tore Høifødt at [email protected]