NBA China in Beijing: Cyber Security

On Thursday November 17th, the Norwegian Business Association China in Beijing had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Jørn Knutsen, who holds a BEng. Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and a MSc in International Business to an evening seminar at Four Season Hotel. Mr. Knutsen has spent the last 16 years as a consultant and organization builder in China. Jørn serves on several board and is a sought after speaker on establishment quandaries and the challenges of doing business in, with and from China. Amongst his merits are establishment of two R&D Centers in China. Mr. Jørn Knutsen was welcomed by the Vice Chairman and the leader of NBA China Beijing Chapter, Andreas Magnus (Hotel Manager of Kempinski).

With Jørn Knutsens long experience and knowledge of how the internet work, he broke down the different aspects of the internet starting with the question “What is the internet?”. Jørn gave us examples of how we think the internet works contra to the reality, showing us how complex sharing of information is through the internet and the path the information take before it ends up on our devises. In a technological world we live in now, were everyone use internet at every day’s work and social life, the security of our private and corporate information may experience internal and external threats. Introduction of how secure the internet is and Cyber Security 101, which made us understand what can be done and what cannot be done to secure us from these threats. Mr. Knutsen ended his presentation of what we can expect in the future of the internet.

The seminar was a huge success with over 30 participations. The audience was engaged from the very start has Mr. Knutsen encouraged the audience to ask questions at any time.  The presentation was followed up with a buffet dinner and social mingle.