NBA China in Beijing presents: Financial crisis, can it really not happen here?

On Wednesday April 6th, the Norwegian Business Association China, Beijing Chapter had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Knut Anton Mork, senior economist in Handelsbanken to an evening seminar at the Kerry Hotel. Knut Anton Mork has been a loyal friend and frequent keynote speaker for the association in previous years, sharing valuable knowledge and insights from China’s economic development. Knut Anton was welcomed by the newly elected Chairman, Mr. Dan Bjorke (BI – Norwegian Business School) who commenced the first NBA China event in Beijing since the merger.


The topic of the seminar was “Financial crisis: can it really not happen here?”, which was the question bounding Knut Anton’s seminar. Being an ardent observer of Chinese economic development, Knut Anton took us through the various stages of Chinese economic growth giving way to a current educated financial outlook. Chinese growth has stagnated, but that is to be expected after years of rapid growth. The introduction of new reforms aiming to transition the Chinese economy from a manufacturing economy to a service oriented economy, the recent stock market tumble, unstable exchange rates and growing inflation, all these various challenges China has encountered were addressed by Knut Anton, producing an illuminating picture of the current situation and what to expect in the coming months as China continues with its transition.

At the Q&A session after the seminar, members of the NBA were welcome to ask questions and share their views on the situation. The Q&A was followed by a set meal dinner and social mingling.


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