NBA China’s Annual General Meeting in Shanghai 2nd of March 2016


The newly elected Board of Directors from left to right: Henning Kristoffersen (DNV GL), Yilie Shen (Wilhelmsen), Kjetil Lund (Kongsberg Maritime), Vice-chairman in Shanghai Carina Enocksson (DNB), Chairman Dan Bjørke (BI Fudan), Arvid Kapstad (Jotun) and Tormod L. Nilsen (Wikborg Rein) . Photo: Birte Hansen

NBA China’s first annual general meeting was held on 2 March in Shanghai.

 Chairman Tormod L. Nilsen presented first the annual reports of 2015 both for Beijing and Shanghai and then the annual budget for 2016 which was approved by the assembly. He declared that the merge of NBA Shanghai and NBA Beijing is indeed now a matter of fact, but certain arrangements may still take some time. NBA China will be based in Shanghai. The Board of Directors of the newly merged NBA China will constitute of 6-7 representatives from Shanghai and 2-3 representatives from Beijing, reflecting the size of the previous chapters.

All candidates presented themselves for election to the new board, and with only three candidates from Beijing, they were naturally all elected: Chris Rynning (Origo), Andreas Magnus (Kempinski) and James Desantis (MH Wirth). Out of nine candidates from Shanghai, the following seven were elected: Dan Bjørke (BI Fudan), Carina Enocksson (DNB), Arvid Kapstad (Jotun), Henning Kristoffersen (DNV GL), Kjetil Lund (Kongsberg Maritime), Tormod L. Nilsen (Wikborg Rein) and Yilie Shen (Wilhelmsen). The new board chose Dan Bjørke as Chairman and Carina Enocksson as Vice-chairman. One representative from the Embassy in Beijing/Consulate General in Shanghai and one from Innovation Norway Beijing/Shanghai are appointed as associate members. NBA China has two executive secretaries, Emma Hallstrøm (Shanghai) and Birte Hansen (Beijing).

Text by: Yvonne Moholt Van Reeuwijk

Sourced from Norway – The Official Site in China, Consulate General in Shanghai