DI-Asia Base

DI-Asia Base

Safe and fast access to the Chinese market 

At DI-Asia Base, a joint venture between the Confederation of Danish Industry and Asia Base, our goal is to secure that companies with Chinese ambitions get a fast, well-ordered and secure access to the Chinese market. 

DI-Asia Base assists companies with recruitment services, 3rd party employment, subsidiary management and  ESG-related services.

We have helped more than 140 Danish companies get started in the Chinese market since being established in 2004.

Our 3rd party employer concept was built on the belief that having a local employee with a comprehensive understanding of the language, culture, and market is imperative in order to succeed in China. We hire your own local employee who is dedicated to the progress of your business - whether it be conducting market analysis, locating suitable suppliers/distributors/partners, engaging in customer and sales meetings, participating in exhibitions, etc. You will have a dependable resource working effectively to manage your general interests in China. 

Meanwhile, we offer an office community which, under Danish management, allows you to initiate and develop your business activities in China, while all practical matters are handled by our staff. 

For the companies that are already established with their own offices in China, we also offer to handle all administration – such as financial reporting, accounting, tax, HR, etc. We provide subsidiary management doing financial reporting, tax, compliance management, HR, chop keeping etc. for more than 25 companies today (per 2023). 

Company website: https://www.danskindustri.dk/vi-radgiver-dig/forretningsudvikling/internationale-markedsmuligheder/di-i-kina/

Contact person: Heidi Berg
Mobile: +86 13248307281 
Email: hb@diab.cn