Welcome New Member: NISS Campus

We are very excited to welcome NISS Campus to join NBA China as a new  corporate member!




NISS Campus is a real estate project in Shanghai, founded by a Danish industry builder. NISS Campus  will  offer  the  best  location  and  platform  for  collaborations  between  Nordic  and Chinese companies working towards global sustainability.

In  addition  to  showcasing  the  best  of  green  building  technologies  and  systems,  the  NISS Campus will function as a bridge between the Nordic Countries and China – an exchange for sustainability, technology, culture, design, lifestyle, innovation and Nordic quality at large. The campus will also function as a venue for conferences and events as well as a showcase for the best  of  Nordic  and  Chinese  products,  design  and  innovation. 

NISS  already  has  extensive support from official and private partners from Nordic countries, and Shanghai government. We are looking for partners on green building technologies and practices from the Nordics, as  well  as  future  residents  at  the  campus.  

Website: www.nisscampus.com  

Contact:Head of Partnership Development, Heidi Berg at heidiberg@nisscampus.com

For NBA China's membership, please contact administration@norbachina.com for any inquiries.